Buried pigs bubble back from grave

Sigade matmispaik Torma vallas. Sead tungisid maapinnale.

PHOTO: Erakogu

Killed in a Puurmani farm and buried in Torma Parish, some swine resurfaced due to decay process power.

On photos in Postimees’ possession, rotten black pigs are seen feet up.

Having checked the stories circulating among locals this past Saturday, Torma parish council chairman Ülvi Nool confirmed the awfulness of the sight: «By last night [Friday], the ground had begun to bubble and the corpses came up one by one in a corner. As morning dawned, about one truck load of some 15 to 30 tonnes of swine were back up.»

Working men told her they were searching for a new tractor to bury the corpses anew. As observed by Ms Nool, the stench she would have expected wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, she was troubled for the carelessness. «Those responsible should obviously ask advice about how to bury large amounts of swine. Otherwise we may not rest assured they will get properly buried,» she said.

As assured by Veterinary and Food Board director-general Ago Pärtel, the bodies are back under the ground. «These pigs are covered again, and the soil has been pressed,» he said, adding that the work had been accomplished Friday night.

Told about a similar sight on Saturday morning, he was initially surprised. A few minutes later, he called Postimees back and said that these bodies had now been stuck back as well.

Ülvi Nool said there was no tractor in sight as late as 10:50 am and it was not realistic that the work was accomplished that fast.

Mr Pärtel said such resurfacing is out of the ordinary. «The last burial in the darkness of the night [on Thursday] was probably not tidy,» he substantiated.

What do we do different now, to keep the pigs from coming back? «They did nothing different, just pressed the last round down and put them [back] again. All that got buried in daylight was done decently. But the last loads were done in the dark. Hurriedly,» he guessed.