Editorial: a cheaper and nicer return

Migrandid Vahemerel


Immigration into Europe is ratcheting up and «flooded» nations are accumulating problems. Among other issues, the question arises: what do we do with those who were not permitted to stay? Sending them back should be easy on taxpayer while as humane as possible towards the person. 

Law says whoever was not granted asylum must return. Some won’t – for various reasons. A part of the people will find some way to stay on, illegally. Thus deepening the trouble.

Broadly speaking, economic and human aspects come to play. The Finnish version adopted last month – offering to pay them a little as they go – combines both.

The option, not only nicer, is better financially in various ways. Sure, the recipient country will pay both for reception, expulsion and support for voluntary repatriation.

The latter, however, is cheaper than paying for people dwelling at reception centres. Also, some nations will only take back such as come out of free will.

Looks like in Finland all agree this is the least bad of the bad options. As assured by Jorma Kantola of Finnish interior ministry, the society supports the cheaper way of buying tickets and handing out cash.  

But... it’s Europe who pays, one way or another.