IRL «benevolent» towards Soc Dem treaty tweaking initiative

Helen Mihelson
, reporter
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Photo: Jaanus Lensment

Convening yesterday afternoon, IRL elders opted to continue talks concerning proposals to alter the coalition treaty as pressed by Social Democrats. 

It has been a desire of Soc Dems to open up the coalition treaty signed at the beginning of April and to insert lots of amendments – as officially proposed to partners in the government at end of July.

Of the proposals, the Soc Dems deem these to be weightiest: lifting the income tax free minimum, and selecting measures against peripherialization.  

«IRL is benevolent towards the proposals by Soc Dems,» was the ever so generally worded reply by IRL chief Margus Tsahkna following the meeting. «There are numerous topics to be mutually discussed.»

Mr Tsahkna said IRL and Soc Dems have common ground in issues like concern for the administrative reform.

«Here we have a government level definite timeframe during which we will complete the administrative reform. The issue is in the content. And here we definitely have topics where e differ, but we must definitely reach an agreement,» said he.

«The way I see it: the chairmen of the governmental parties (Reform, SDE and IRL – edit) must get together and gain clarity about how to make the coalition treaty better.»