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Kohver kept in isolator

Eston Kohver PHOTO: Liis Treimann

Till the trial is in process, Eston Kohver is being held in Isolator No 1 of Pskov Prison. 

According to layer for Mr Kohver, Yevgeni Aksyonov, the conditions for those under arrest in Pskov are worse than in Moscow. For instance, he was unable to arrange a planned visit by doctor to Mr Kohver. «In Moscow things were arranged no problem, but in the periphery they are afraid to take steps, because if something goes wrong they fear reprimands and displeasure (from higher up – edit),» explained the lawyer.

Mr Aksyonov quoted Mr Kohver as having initially said the living conditions are now the 15th century kind. However, certain items had afterwards been brought to him and the lawyer said Mr Kohver’s conditions are more-or-less okay now.

A former Russian human rights commissioner Viktor Ivanov says the conditions in Pskov prison isolated cell satisfactory. «You will find no torture chambers there,» he said, adding that this is a far cry from Western European standards but liveable.