Ligi blasts SDE's wish to revisit coalition agreement

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Photo: Jaanus Lensment

Jurgen Ligi, Estonia's minister of education and research from the ruling Reform Party, criticized sharply coalition partner Social Democratic Party's (SDE) wish to reopen the coalition accord at Thursday's press conference of the government.

«I don't quite agree with the view that we're all very much open to reopening all kinds of accords. No, we are not. Some things begin to stink when opened,» Ligi said.

The issue has been debated for five weeks now, he said and asked rhetorically whether a realignment of forces must lead to breaking of agreements. «Let's take a look at Greece and give it some thought. Will anything change for the better when we begin to run down and change and reopen our own accords? Things will change for the worse, my word on it. Society will not get richer from an internal vote somewhere, not by as much as a cent.»

The board of the Social Democratic Party on Tuesday evening formally sent to its coalition partners Reform Party and Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) proposals for making changes to the coalition agreement. The key proposals contained in the package include a proposal to raise tax-exempt income to 400 euros a month and set out in the coalition agreement strengthening of the county level of local government, ensuring the financial autonomy of municipalities and division of services as the fundamental principles of administrative and state reform.