Reader: why I don’t welcome the refugees, in light of Swedish multikulti

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To tell you I’m indifferent towards immigrants would be a lie. In reality, in my own atheistic way I’m praying and heartily desiring that Estonia would never be faced with the problems caused by immigrants from Moslem nations, currently so actual in Europe, writes Postimees reader Marit Hermann – an Estonian with experience of living in Sweden.

Being closely tied to Sweden myself, I’ll take the opportunity to write to those interested about how multikulti enriches the local society. The reader, then, will have the chance to agree, to argue, and to complement the topic with comments of their own.

I consider myself a good and compassionate person, yet nevertheless I’d surely vote for a law prescribing considerable limits on immigration into the EU from third countries. On paper, the idea is highly noble citing humaneness and how we (the EU) must help all in need so all would be able to live a dignified life. Alas, in reality this does not work. It does not work as the citizens from Moslem nations have come to Europe with beliefs and notions totally different, which are difficult to change.

Let’s be honest, actually this is a goal almost impossible. How would you react – you who say you have nothing against immigrants – if one day you have this large Muslim family as your neighbours whose sons are circling your daughter and calling her a whore! Seeing that a white woman is a whore and a material fit for rape – as underlined my many of the Moslem rapists. Repeatedly, I have heard from the Moslems themselves how in early childhood the small Moslem boys are told that European ladies are of loose morals and only good for one thing.

The rapes

Sweden is having group rapes, and the victims are Swedish ladies. They have even been lured into the asylum seeker shelters and there especially brutal group rapes have taken place, lasing for hours. As evidenced by the very fact that by serving their god right, after death they get into the bliss of enjoying endless virgins – a testimony of their attitude towards women as lower beings whose chief task is satisfying the sexual needs of males.

Regrettably, a sexual crime committed by an asylum seeker in Sweden is no automatic cause to reject the application. And naturally, the punishments are ridiculous. There have been cases where the victim herself or her parents, when commenting on what happened in the media, have said they are not blaming the rapists as these have come from the war zone and have been through a lot. Would you be able to show such understanding?

The Swedes are paranoid at being blamed in racism, and getting labelled as Nazis. In Swedish media (the mainstream media, daily consumed by majority of Swedes) is at pains in every way to conceal the identity of the criminals, if these are immigrants. Never may it be noted that it was a Mohammad from Syria, say, as any such information is immediately labelled instigation of hatred against an ethnic nationality and the paper that published the article gets accused in racism. So much about freedom of speech in Sweden! They are talking about journalistic ethics. For some reason, the unwritten law extends not to native Swedes.

One gets punished by courts even if, when trying to call to order a rioting gang in a bus, one happens in anger to utter something to the tune of «Damned Muslims!». You may rest assured they will never sue the knife-waving Abdul and Amir, but you – the instigator of hatred that you are. Swedish media is as biased as can be, and to most people I have told these stories to this sounds absolutely unbelievable – Sweden being a democracy.

Freedom of speech restricted

Regrettably, the mainstream media is but an extension of politicians and opinion leaders. Whoever dares to speak against such a sensitive subject as extreme mass immigration (use of the work in Sweden would surely bring me under «special treatment»), will be publicly condemned. For that, people are losing jobs and are called Nazis.

Recently, a journalist was sacked from the daily paper Expressen (something to the tune of Estonia’s Õhtuleht) for daring to stand against Islam (the man put it plain: Islam is the common denominator of majority of terror committed in the world). On top of that, the publisher quit cooperation with him and even from his new job he was shortly dismissed as it surfaced that he had dined with a member of the (currently still) despised anti-migration party Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats). Naturally, the man has also received death threats.

Only one party in Sweden – Sverigedemokraterna – dares to stand against the rampant stupidity. Largely thanks to the shootings in  Copenhagen and Paris, quietly yet constantly the number of Swedes has begun to rise who realise that what is now happening in Sweden tanks to the immigrants has gone far beyond all normality. 

The extreme generosity of Swedish migration policy has done grave and irreparable disservice to the educational system. It feels nice to be cursing the Estonian school, by many regarded as a Soviet relict. And yet, our diligent students placed 8th at PISA tests while Sweden has been plummeting to the drastic low of 38th. Though, after the results were published, the Swedish media went wild about the catastrophe in the education system, never once in mainstream media did I detect an honest debate about who the tests were so awful. In a chorus, the Swedish education experts were writing about low education level of teachers, lack of specialised pedagogues, dearth of school psychologists etc. In the comments section, however, the hard truth was voiced. What can we expect when the classes feature so many students unable to even write or read Swedish? To say nothing about the nonexistent discipline, and no-one is allowed to call the kids to order.

Europe impacted

Sweden’s irresponsible immigration policy is affecting all of Europe as the state has promised to receive all Syrian war refugees who manage to smuggle themselves unto Swedish soil. The local migration agency is flooded with asylum seekers who are all claiming they are coming straight from the war. In reality, all it takes to verify the claim is to speak Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, or any other language spoken in the given region. The majority of those allegedly hailing from Syria have no documents whatsoever. These are simply thrown away.

But how would it be possible to travel from Syria to Sweden, through a number of nations, without an identity document? All it proves is they are telling lies and have intentionally destroyed the documents once in Sweden. For Swedish officials, proving if the people came from a war zone, is no problem. Once an individual claims he arrived from a war zone, though many wear a coat costing hundreds of euros and possesses the latest tech gadgets, his words are pure gold. And thus the Moslems – whose actual background only Allah and his virgins would know – are infiltrating (no, not infiltrating really, as they are indeed invited by the Swedish government) our neighbouring Sweden, to «enrich» it with their culture.

Time will tell how many of these no-documents-people are war victims in need, and how many are just tourists speaking the «right» language – from nations with no war activity (including the West) – and to which degree, thanks to its tilted and uncontrolled asylum policy, Sweden has allowed warm entry to terrorists, crooks and murderers.   

Meanwhile, many linked to ISIS are talking about how easy it is for members of the group to get settled in Sweden. Meanwhile, Sweden is talking about how to invite the Swedes who joined ISIS back home (who are largely not Swedes, but this is the politically correct way to put it) and integrate them back into the society with help by psychologists.

Not long ago, there was this debate in Swedish state TV where a participant thought that those that joined ISIS ought to be deprived of Swedish citizenship. Seems rather logical, doesn’t it! In reality, no-one else on the programme supported that, as they found that deprivation of citizenship is the ultimate penalty and this should not be. But it is okay to fight for a violent Islamic state in a foreign land, beheading people, raping ... Instead of severe punishments, the politically correct debaters talked about how Sweden had been wrongfully ignoring these people and how those returning from Syria needed psychological counselling. To underline the severity of the situation, the neighbouring Finland and Norway are considering a passport check with Sweden.

Police chickens out

In Sweden, there are about a hundred areas where police no longer dares to venture. In several Swedish suburbs «enriched» with Moslems, torching of cars and gang crimes are the daily reality. During the school holidays in Gothenburg, cars were enthusiastically torched – not hard to guess, by whom. 

People are scared and dare not testify against the crooks, fearing revenge. No-one wants to risk the lives of themselves or loved-ones, and thus the work of police and investigators often comes to nothing. While official statistics are lacking, many a retired police chief or official has shared what the crooks usually look like. Not like Kalle!

Naturally, media outlets close ranks tight and claim that information regarding the ethnic origin, religious faith etc of the criminals is irrelevant. In Twitter it is seen how furiously people react to another crime committed by the new Swedes. The group rape on board of a Viking Line ferry, also covered in Estonian media, triggered an outrage among native Swedes. In joyful unison, however, Swedish daily papers wrote about the rapists having been Swedes. Luckily, Internet sites are available where the spade was called a spade.

Not long ago, we read a story about an angry Mr Svensson who, desiring to get some sleep early in the morning, filmed the shrill prayer call by an Imam, posted it on Facebook and added the comment that this (the Imam’s voice) was like a donkey being kicked in the belly. Within some ten minutes, the man’s house front was filled with furious Moslems threatening to kill him.

What would have happened had the police not arrived in time, Allah only knows. By the way, the man was under threat of court punishment for instigation feud, but luckily the guy was lucky. A bit later, I was reading about how, at the beginning of February, pro-ISIS flyers had been distributed in Knivsta commune calling to destroy the unbelievers. The court judged this was not instigation of mass murder of non-Muslims, nor instigation of hatred against an ethnic entity.

Swedish Migration Board

Oh, one more story, unbelievable as they come – recently, a company mediating interpreters to Swedish Migration Board banned their staff from wearing crosses. To substantiate, they said the symbol of faith demonstrating a religious preference had upset the asylum seekers – by that, the officials were allegedly displaying their attitude towards Moslems, considering Christianity more important than Islam. Crazy, isn’t it? Alas: whatever the feelings triggered in the interpreter by the burqas and scarves of those desiring to be Swedes, no one no longer cares in Sweden... .  Thankfully, the translation bureau cancelled the stupid rule after it reached the media. 

By the way, when it comes to the apartment market, the Swedish Migration Board has cleaned it out  – for young native Swedes, leaving parental home is an impossibility, as they have nowhere to move. But at the moment this is not an issue as priority regarding new apartments is given to choosy asylum seekers (rather often, the latter may be demanding ever larger and comfier spaces, better location, national food, climate etc) and the wives, children, uncles, aunts etc etc soon to follow.

Endlessly, one might write about the enriching effects of multikulti.

My heart is not of stone – as a white European lady, compassion is in by my Mother’s milk. Still, common Estonian sense combined with caution regarding strangers will override the urge to save the whole world. Good intentions may have a bad end – no matter that an Estonian minister, in the election campaign, was seeking to showcase the Nordics as a bride especially desirable.