Friend says Savisaar recovering rapidly

Edgar Savisaar on tagasi. Pildil - Riin Savisaar, Siret Kotka, Margit Savisaar, Erki Savisaar, Elis Savisaar, Aadu Must ja Urmas Jürgenson.

PHOTO: Facebook

Peep Podder, director of the Jogeva hospital and a close friend of Edgar Savisaar, has said the leader of the Center Party and mayor of Tallinn is recovering rapidly from the illness that left him in a critical condition for weeks as a result of infection with a meat-eating bacteria.

Podder told BNS on Thursday that he visited Savisaar on Monday and on Wednesday and can say that medics have done a good job on him. «I talked with Savisaar for four hours on Monday and for two and a half hours on Wednesday. He's been bedridden for almost a month and is weak as a result, but recovery has been going on well,» Podder said.

He said Savisaar is eager to act again. «In that sense we have the old Savisaar back. He already argues with doctors and wants to know if everything is all right at Hundisilma (farm). If things keep going this way one could start with medical rehabilitation already in a couple of weeks,» Podder said.

Asked about Savisaar's emotional state, Podder said the mayor of Tallinn had the usual emotions for a person in his situation, that is, someone who has spent a long time in hospital wants to go home.