«I was only joking.»

This is a quick interview with Fred who posted the ad right after Postimees disclosed its journalistic experiment. 

How do you call what you offered to the young lady right now?

Well dinner you know.

But we heard totally differing information. Talking about altering grades.

Ah, that was just so.


Yes, kidding.

So you think asking for sex for kidding is okay?

Well but the girl invited me out today.

You see no guild of your own?

No, no.

But you do have the option then to alter her grades?

Well you ask her.

Well she would not know.

Yes, she would not ...

What do you think, was the story legal somehow or you really said you were only joking?

I was only joking.

And you do things like that often?

No, the girl herself inquired.

I’d say it’s a very stupid joke.

Well, yes, stupid, as it came out now.

But what next?

Well nothing. Think I’ll pay my restaurant bill and go on my way.

You said in theory you do not actually have the ability to alter these grades?

Absolutely not.

You are basically a crook?

No, not a crook. In what way am I a crook?

Just putting on a show to the girl?

They were interested themselves.

And you were promptly able to come up with an offer?

Well yes, because … because …

Are many interested like this?

No, just one person was interested.

But why did you put up the ad?

No, I know nothing about an ad.

A text that you are willing to alter grades and ...

It had to be somebody else.

Not you?

(No reply.)

Do you think this here can get you into trouble somehow?

No, it can’t.

Why do you think so?

Like what trouble can it bring?