Power talks turn eloquent, embellished and emotional

Anneli Ammas
, reporter
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Admits negotiator-in-chief Taavi Rõivas (Reform): discussions on economy were very colourful. Adds IRL head Urmas Reinsalu: excellent ideas abounded like smorgasbord. 

«We would all like to lower taxes, but as we come to how to cover the shrinking part, trouble knocks on door – yesterday, the debate turned very heated,» observed Free Party chair Andres Herkel.

Regarding the content of the talks all four parties keep mum. They do tell us, though, that the intent is to grow the economy and increase people’s income. For a fact, we know the smorgasbord still features the entire quartet.

An unceasingly smiling top soc dem Sven Mikser cited classical local literature and served up quotes on how people feel about taxes. «Collectively, we like the idea of taxing vice, but thankfully people in Estonia aren’t decadent enough to cover all needs from that,» he confided. In other words: at least by soc dems, no sharp tax rise on candy, smoking and tippling.  

Mr Herkel recalled a crazy quilt – that’s what result when trying to take bits of every programme. «Then, finally, the coalition may walk into the captivity of their fixed promises, like we’ve seen before. The issue is: do we dare to emerge and agree about something grander,» said Mr Herkel, hinting the Free are not eager to govern if vital reform plans fail to be agreed.  

Asked if all four intend to stay around table till end, Mr Herkel pained the picture of people setting on a journey in the morning: who knows where they arrive, but should they never get going, no arriving anywhere. «This is a journey complex enough to keep back doors open or at least be cautious,» said Mr Herkel, assuming some partners might be crafty.  

To this, Mr Mikser added that when setting out in the morning wisdom would dictate to set a destination. From here, he plunged into winter sports: «All competitors intend to finish the course, most even think about a medal; but, sometimes, some break a ski pole and they have to quit. Or some fall behind by a whole lap and are removed lest they hinder the frontrunner. Till now, we are all in the race and full of good will to ski till the end.»

Though emerging figurative-speech-king of the day, Mr Mikser humbled himself to say others were better: «Oh, the abundance of the wordsmiths!» was how he ventured to describe the colours and emotions behind closed doors.

Until they decide to let us know a thing or two more definite, those interested may perhaps go by colours of neckties around top talkers. Yesterday: Misters Rõivas, Mikser and Reinsalu – red; Mr Herkel – blue.

«As we go talking through the topics, it also happens that sometimes it’s three that share a position and the fourth turns another way, and later it all changes,» explained Mr Herkel. From this, one may detect that – till now – the minor partners don’t seem to have agreed anything against the biggie.

Today, they talk on wage poverty and how to help folks earn more. As things stand, this week’s Sabbath will be kept on Saturday.