Bigger bang for same buck

Stinne Loo
, reporter
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Photo: Ants Liigus

Year in, year out, sales and prices of fireworks have stayed rather flat in Estonia. But thanks to new EU requirements, this year offers a show more striking for the same money.

«Actually they are buying with unbelievable eagerness. Fireworks are really in,» said Hansa Ilutulestikud board member Kalle Tüür while commenting on interest in Estonians towards the rockets this time around.

As EU requirements prescribe all things pyrotechnic to possess CE-certificates by 2017, the market already abounds with such stuff – where the amount of gun powder allowed is nearly twice what it used to be.  As the rocket prices have remained the same and even dropped a bit this year, a sight more wonderful by far will be available for equal amount of euros. In the future, however, pyrotechnics may get a lot dearer due to rise in production costs.            

According to Ruf Ilutulestikud CEO Ivo Melder, a rocket with added powder is not more dangerous. There is the new danger, however, in the cheap stuff brought and peddled from Poland – sold in Internet, parking lots and other places. According to Mr Melder, such rockets look like the certified ones in appearance and weight, but upon use a disappointment is as good as guaranteed – the fireworks are weak and the colours not as promised on the package.

As underlined by rocket merchants, the official goods correspond to requirements, have been verified and are safe to use. «Pyrotechnics are supposed to be purchased from stores, not any old [car] trunk. These so-called traders are bringing whatever, really. Main thing to get it cheap and sell expensive,» lamented Kalle Tüür.

As time goes by, selection of pyrotechnics at the stores is getting ever larger. Thus, this season serves the novel pet-friendly bang-free rockets.

The most popular products offered by various sellers set one back by €10 to €50 – for this, one gets the usual less-than-a-minute crackling golden or white firework shaped as bundles of stars, palms or peonies. Meanwhile, people aren’t shying away from the €100 plus sets as «Profi pakk» and «Öökuninganna» – these last longer and the fire flares higher. Throughout the ages, says Ivo Melder, the top popular effect amongst the people has been rain of gold.