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Estonia to open embassy in Australia

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Photo: Admiral Markets

The Estonian government decided on Thursday to set up an Estonian embassy in the Australian capital Canberra and to close the consulate general in Sydney.

The Estonian embassy in Canberra will start work from Jan. 1 next year, spokespeople for the Foreign Ministry said. Under an agreement with the Foreign Ministry of Finland, the embassy will be initially based on the premises of the Finnish embassy in Canberra and move into a building situated next to the building of the Finnish embassy by the fall.

The foreign minister of Estonia, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, described the opening of the embassy in Canberra as very timely given the large Estonian community in Australia which keeps growing, spokespeople for the Foreign Ministry told BNS. "There are approximately 10,000 Estonians in Australia at this point and Australia continues to be a popular destination of temporary emigration for Estonians," the minister said, adding that having an embassy in Australia enables the country to better protect the interests of its citizens staying in Australia and represent the Estonian state.

The Estonian ambassador to Australia is Andres Unga.

The Estonian ambassador residing in Tokyo was co-accredited as envoy to Australia from 2007–2010. From 2010 onwards a non-resident ambassador based in Tallinn has represented Estonia in Australia.

Estonia has four honorary consuls in Australia.

Starting from 1992 Australia has been represented in Estonia by its ambassador based in Stockholm. The Australian honorary consul in Estonia is Mati Peekma.

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