Gay bill opposer ousted from party

Tuuli Koch
, reporter
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Photo: Mihkel Maripuu / Postimees

On his Facebook wall, Silver Kuusik – Centre Party member of 10 years’ standing – expressed displeasure with four (former) comrades-at-party for voting for the narrowly passed same sex partnership act.

«By the decision of these highly paid destroyers-of-state Estonia continues on its downward spiral!» started Mr Kuusik. «I am ashamed that four of those voting yes belong to Centre Party (Mr Laasi, Mr Toobal and Ms Sõtnik). The first two perhaps Kapo [Security Police; the two are under accusation – edit] will help liquidate, but it is sad the four also include Central party’s so-called prime minister candidate Kadri Simson. For me, there are a man and a woman; together they are a couple, and the greatest expression of their love is marriage and the child born in it. The rest is perverted cohabitation destructive to society.»

Thereat, he received a letter by Riigikogu member Lauri Laasi: «You rat, next week I will personally deal with «liquidating» you. Clown.»

Both letters are heated and threatening, but this Sunday Mr Kuusik was kicked out of the party. Mr Laasi performed his wow: having written an application to party board, it was promptly approved. At the board, Kadri Simson noted that her father, Tartu regional head Aadu Must advised Mr Kuusik to delete the message and go on in peace, which Mr Kuusik did not do.

Kicked out behind his back, Mr Kuusik considers it an insult. «After ten years at the party, all I desire is a chance to stand for myself and my worldview,» said Mr Kuusik. «I don’t know about further liquidation sanctions planned by Mr Laasi, so I filed application to police citing threat.»

On Monday, he took 21 applications of leaving to Centre Party’s Tartu office. The day before yesterday, two more were filed. And today, said Mr Kuusik, there’ll be four or five more. The latter are result of Edgar Savisaar appointing himself prime ministerial candidate not giving Ms Simson a chance. And of the four cadre voting for same sex act.

Riigikogu member Lauri Laasi thinks the board’s approval shows he was right. But is it the tradition at Centre Party not to hear the accused before «execution»?

«I can’t say. I’m satisfied with the decision. I wrote the application as I do not desire to share a party with people throwing such ideas into information space,» explained Mr Laasi. «He called on power structures to liquidate someone. I checked in the dictionary – «to liquidate» means physically doing away with someone. There has to be a line drawn someplace. Everything can’t be tolerated. I’m glad the board shared my stand.»

Mr Laasi admitted after the bill was passed many people have addressed him and other party members. Mainly, it is the voters writing.

«My heart is a peace as I took the decision I consider to be right and I did not have to muster extra courage,» said Mr Laasi. «That’s what I’m in Riigikogu for, to take decisions, and not to run.»

During the process, MPs of all factions have received letters both threatening and sorrowful. Thus, the numerous IRL faction members harvested a total of 3,000 messages. IRL voted against, with some prominent figures standing for the act.

Reform Party faction head Kristen Michal claimed there’s peace in the party post-vote. Even so, they did realise on basis of 11th hour polls half their voters could not understand how the bill could be supported.

«The decision has been taken, the tensions are down,» said Mr Michal. «Let the passions fade, the justice ministry is analysing the situation, we will be compiling implementing provisions to proceed with the issue next year. That’s a choice of principle – not to tolerate intolerance.»

The soc dem President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor, in favour of the bill from the beginning, noted he’s read lots of letters and met people at the demonstrations. Now, he wishes for some peaceful discussions, smiles and understanding.