Abdul Turay: the ties of blood, kinship and history are most important to keep the union

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Photo: Peeter Langovits

It is the ties of blood, kinship and history that are most important reasons to keep the union, thinks former British journalist, now a Tallinn City Council member Abdul Turay in today’s online debate.

It is the ties of blood, kinship and history that are most important reasons to keep the union.

Britain means something to so many people, even not British people. Britain stood alone against the Nazis. Britain sent our navy to assist Estonia in its war of independence. All that will be gone if the separatists get their way. No Union Jack, no BBC, no British Navy.

My opponents haven't even discussed these issues and they don't understand the economic issues.

There is a difference between a currency union, which for example Estonia has with the Eurozone and simply using another currency without any formal agreement.

The latter makes Scotland a colony. Even the former means Scotland is not really independent, it will not have control of its own economy. Estonia can accept a currency union because it fears Russia. Greece and Portugal may not. If Britain unravels, Europe could unravel. It is a nightmare scenario.

I have no doubt Scotland will recover eventually but there is a real possibility that Scotland will be ruined for a generation. I am correct that this agenda is being driven by bitter middle aged men, still living in the 80s, some have succeeded in poisoning the minds of the youth but most youth, most old, and most women,support the union. Why do women of all ages support the Union? Because women don't like stupid risks.

We still love Scotland and believe she will make the right choice. We are better together.

God save the Queen.

And this concludes today’s online debate. To call it a day, the umpire will render judgement.

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