Former security chief: FSB assuming responsibility is unheard-of

Karin Kangro
, reporter
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Photo: Laura Oks / Postimees

According to former Security Police director-general Raivo Aeg, apprehension of security police officer Eston Kohver by Federal Security Service of Russian Federation (FSB) is unheard-of, but what is even more unheard-of is FSB also assuming responsibility for it. 

Mr Aeg told Postimees that removing a national official from the territory of Estonian territory without the corresponding sanctions is a very severe crime by special services of the other country. «This is unheard-of, and what’s even more unheard-of is that, as a rule, FSB will not assume responsibility. This time they up and assumed it,» said Mr Aeg.

This morning at 9 am, unknown individuals from Russia apprehended a security policeman on duty near Luhamaa border point on Estonian territory, and took him to Russia by physical force at gunpoint.

The official of Security Police (Kapo) was on duty as related to thwarting a cross-border crime. The kidnapping was preceded by interference from the Russian side of operative radio communication and use of smoke grenade, said Kapo press representative. 

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation announced Friday night, via ITAR-TASS, of having apprehended, during an operation in Pskov Oblast, an employee of Estonian Security Police.