Paldiski to get cleansed of radioactive waste

Ivo Tatrik, AS Alara keskkonnatehnika nõunik, näitab luuki, mille kaudu saab betoonsarkofaagi sees (jalgeall) oleva allvelaeva osa peale minna.

PHOTO: Liis Treimann

Under the soviet rule, a nuclear submarine training centre was built in Paldiski, near Tallinn. Once the occupation forces pulled out, radioactive waste was left behind. Yesterday, the government decided to grant over €2m to find out the amount thereof – and how to make it safe.

On the first picture, Ivo Tatrik – environmental adviser to AS A.L.A.R.A. in charge of maintenance of the site at Paldiski – is pointing to a door leading to the submarine buried under a layer of concrete. On the second picture, note the nuclear waste – in green containers. On picture No 3, the new externals of the centre are seen as contrasting an old soviet-time memorial.