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In June, the increase in industrial production continued

Elvas asuvas elektroonikatehases Enics Eesti ei katke töö öösel ega nädalavahetusel. Tehases töötab 740 inimest, kelle eest makstakse riigile makse. Edukas tehas tunneb aga puudust spetsialistidest. PHOTO: Jaanus Lensment

According to Statistics Estonia, in June 2014, the production of industrial enterprises rose 1% compared to June of the previous year. The production increased in manufacturing and energy, while in mining the production decreased.

Since January, manufacturing has shown a stable 1‒6% growth in production compared to the same month of the previous year. In June, the increase in manufacturing was 2% compared to June of the previous year. Production exceeded the volume of June 2013 in half of the branches of industry. The growth in production was influenced the most by an increase in the manufacture of food, wood and metal products. The volume of production fell in the manufacture of electronic products, chemicals and building materials.

In June, 69% of the whole production of manufacturing was sold on the external market. Compared to June 2013, export sales of manufacturing production fell 2% and domestic sales increased 5% according to unadjusted data.

In June 2014, compared to May, both the seasonally adjusted total industrial production and the production in manufacturing decreased 1%.

Compared to June 2013, the production of electricity increased 12% and the production of heat 7%.

The volume index and trend of production in manufacturing, January 2005 – June 2014 (2010 = 100)

Diagram: The volume index and trend of production in manufacturing

Change in volume index of industrial production, June 2014


Economic activityChange compared to the

previous month according

to seasonally adjusted dataa

Change compared to the corresponding

month of the previous year

according to

unadjusted data

according to working-day

adjusted datab

Energy production5.18.08.0
manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products0.2-5.0-5.0
manufacture of wood and wood products1.09.39.3
manufacture of food products4.011.311.3
manufacture of fabricated metal products6.33.73.7
manufacture of electrical equipment2.72.02.0
manufacture of chemicals and chemical products-17.1-21.8-21.8
manufacture of furniture5.4-0.8-0.8
manufacture of motor vehicles-
manufacture of building materials-5.6-3.6-3.6
manufacture of machinery and equipment4.623.123.1
manufacture of refined petroleum products-11.220.8