President to decorate 99, this year

PHOTO: Peeter Langovits / Postimees

In run-up to Anniversary of the Republic 99 people will receive decorations by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, for service done to Estonia. The awarding ceremony is held at Endla Theatre, Pärnu, on February 23rd.

According to Mr Ilves, Estonia owes her highest praise to numerous people from various walks of life, both home and abroad, whose dedication to their daily doings, their calling in life and thus to making Estonia better is worthy of state recognition. «The stories of the goodness of these people, added up, showcase the growth of Estonia,» said the President, via statement by his Office.

Order of the White Star, Third Class

Anzori Barkalaja – promoter of education life, Director of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

Julia Beljajeva - fencer, World Champion

Madis Habakuk – economist, promoter of education life

Valdo Kalm – business and IT personality

Neeme Kuningas – theatre director

Rainer Nõlvak – engine in society, initiator of bee Let’s Do It (Teeme ära!»)

Kaido Ole - painter

Jaan Priisalu – cyber security developer

Tarmo Soomere – marine scientist and mathematician, academician

Mait Summatavet – interior architect and designer, professor emeritus at Estonian Academy of Arts

Order of the White Star, Fourth Class

Alvo Aabloo – economist, promoter of robotics, professor at University of Tartu

Galina Grigorjeva - composer

Kadri Hunt – music teacher and choir conductor

Jüri Jõema – IT and communications developer

Kristiina Kaasik - painter

Ahto Kalja - e-state developer, professor at Tallinn University of Technology

Krista Kerge – linguist, professor at Tallinn University

Jaak Kikas – physicist, professor at University of Tartu

Mati Koppel – agricultural scientist, promoter of plant breeding

Rein Kotov – cinematographer

Toomas Kukk – botanist, promoter of science

Margo Kõlar – composer, choir conductor, music teacher

Ene Lukka-Jegikjan – folk music promoter, teacher

Jaak Läänemets – agriculture and joint activities promoter

Valeri Novikov – language immersion programme promoter

David James O'Brock-Kaljuvee – business promoter

Ruth Oltjer – business promoter

Arvo Ott - e-state developer

Peep Palumaa – biochemist, professor at Tallinn University of Technology

Raul Parusk – initiator and promoter of project Look@World (Vaata Maailma)

Mare Pork – psychologist, management consultant, professor emeritus at Tallinn University

Heiki Pärdi – ethnologist, preserver of cultural heritage

Erkki Raasuke – business promoter

Helve Raik – education life promoter

Neeme Raud - journalist

Anu Reinart – science promoter, director of Tartu Observatory

Tiina Reinart – journalism promoter

Jaan Rekkor - actor

Andi Saagpakk – business promoter

Anne Samlik – tourism developer

Edmund Smolarek – entrepreneur, local life promoter on Harju County

Mai Suuder – speech therapist, special education teacher

Ellen Marja Valter – promoter of Estonianhood, in Canada

Aldur Vunk – historian, preserver of history in Pärnu County

Order of the White Star, Fifth Class

Jüri Aarma – culture journalist

Aleksandr Dormidontov – researcher and preserver of History of Russian community in Estonia

Taavet Hinrikus – business promoter

Hille Hinsberg – people’s society promoter

Aleksandr Ivaškevitš – actor, dancing teacher

Ene Jakobson – fold dance teacher

Mai Jõevee – teacher, local life promoter in Lääne County

Jevgeni Kabanov – business promoter

Vira Konõk – promoter of cooperation between ethnic minorities

Viktoria Korpan – journalism promoter

Marju Kõivupuu – folklorist, heritage culture promoter

Urmo Kübar – people’s society promoter

Heino Lill – basketball coach

Viktor Mets – football coach, sports life promoter in Järva County

Külli Must – local life promoter in Tartu County

Aavo Ots – trumpet player, music teacher

Rein Põldme – swimming coach, handicapped sports promoter

Raul Saaremets – music culture promoter

Artur Taevere – people’s society and social entrepreneurship promoter

Villu Tamme – musician

Renee Trisberg – cyber security expert

Enno Tubli – orchestra director

Mati Tähemaa – engineer, broadcasting promoter and history preserver

Enno Uibo – history preserver

Silvi Vare – linguist

Madis Võõras – research activity promoter

Õie Väljas – trade union figure

Ants Ärsis – marine promoter

Order of the Estonian Red Cross, First Class

Arne Lepp – anatomist, medical education promoter, professor emeritus at University of Tartu  

Order of the Estonian Red Cross, Second Class

Mari Majass – children’s surgeon

Order of the Estonian Red Cross, Third Class

Aleksander Lõhmus – kidney doctor, surgeon

Margus Punab – andrologist, medical scientist

Märt Vähi – helper of addicts

Order of the Estonian Red Cross, Fourth Class

Malle Kobin – supporter of child protection and the disabled

Maie Salum – promoter of child protection

Order of the Estonian Red Cross, Fifth Class

Kulle Leetla – blood donor

Kalev Palm – blood donor

Tiiu Parts – blood donor

Order of the Cross of the Eagle, Second Class

James Allen Adkins – Estonian-American defence cooperation promoter, Major General

Order of the Cross of the Eagle, Fourth Class

Aivar Kokka – serviceman, Colonel

Henno Kuurmann – security police officer

Olari Valtin – security police officer

Order of the Cross of the Eagle, Fifth Class

Toomas Lõhmus – police officer, Police Captain

Marilis Sepp – police officer, Police Major

Gold Cross of the Cross of the Eagle

Kuido Külm – member of the Defence League district, cyber security promoter

Silver Cross of the Cross of the Eagle, with swords

Tiit Rooden – serviceman, Junior Warrant Officer

Eiko Õim – serviceman, Junior Warrant Officer

Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, First Class

Vinton Gray Cerf – computer scientist, TCP/IP technology developer, USA

Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, Third Class

Robert Nurick – Estonian-US cooperation promoter

Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, Fourth Class

Ivo Hans Daalder – Estonia-NATO cooperation promoter, USA

Manfred Glesner – supporter of Estonian IT-education, professor of microelectronics, Germany

Maris Ošlejs – Estonian-Latvian cultural ties promoter

Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, Fifth Class

Grigori Mussaljov – Erzya national movement promote, Russia

Alexander von Samson-Himmelstjerna – local life supporter in Võru County, Germany

Kosaku Yamaguchi – Estonian-Japanese economic ties promoter

The President decorated 99 people in three previous years as well. In 2010 and 2009, 97 people were decorated; in 2008, the number was 268, and in 2007 – 342 people.

During the presidency of Arnold Rüütel, decorations were much more abundant. In 2006, he decorated 834 people; in 2005 – 443, in 2004 – 447, in 2003 – 293, and in 2002 – 400 people.

President Lennart Meri, in his last year in office, handed out 795 decorations.