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Titanic to dock at Tallinn Seaplane Harbour

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«Just imagine! A hundred years after it sunk, I’m getting a job on the Titanic!» A bunch of guys in overalls are busy attacking the vast boxes, armed with drills. Taken apart, these turn into elegant relief walls, portals, posts. A detail, initially coming across as a veneer wall, appears to be a part of a luxury cabin – when turned «inside out».

All it takes, now, is hauling all the bits and pieces unto a veneer floor and fit ‘em nicely together. Piece of cake, it seems. Once one knows the rightful places. Over in the corner, the schemes and maps lay on the table. A laptop is buzzing, busy to screen the general plan of the exhibition.

A dark place indeed, is the Seaplane Harbour for to do any work. Defying the hardships, up they go: blue walls, white floors, the interiors. Corridors of the Titanic, the cabins, the smoking area...

Squeezed into it all, is a tight working room for the builders. A stove to fix a meal, a bench to rest weary feet. A timetable on the wall.

Giant metal structures form a skeleton for the entire contraption. Unto that, electricians hoist cables, lights and the like – the edifice is fixing to be several stories high. The wondersome insides of the Titanic, visitors will be able to enjoy mere two weeks from now.

Ahto is engaged to the full, driving a forklift. The man seems happy at the exotic job – under command of Americans «bossing» him around.

Containers keep coming, no end in sight. This is just the beginning, they say. Titanic: the Artefact Exhibition, by now remains shrouded in mystery... with the curious kept at bay. The workingmen are forbidden to take pictures in the strictest tone imaginable. Readers of Postimees are lucky to be an exception. Who knows, maybe there’ll be more...

All the above in the name of opening the show for all interested, on November 16th, for 33 hours running. So no one could complain at having no surprises left after beholding it all in the papers and the TV...

Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition

•    The vessel went under on April 15th, 1912, after colliding with iceberg, taking over 1,500 people with it.

•    The exhibition is brought to Estonia by US firm Premier Exhibitions Inc.

•    Over 200 authentic items recovered from the wreck and its vicinity.

•    Luxurious ship interior throughout many decks.

•    Ship’s compartments reconstructed.

•    Stories and items of passengers.

•    Stories of the ship built, found, investigated.

•    Festive opening ceremony on November 15th at 8 pm, with invitations, and tickets available at Piletilevi.

•    Open to all starting November 16th at 10 am. Hangars opened non-stop for 33 hours – till 7 pm, November 17th.

•    Exhibition end-date: March 31st, 2014.

Source: Estonian Maritime Museum

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