Estonia drops 3 places in FIFA rankings

Eesti jalgpallikoondis.

PHOTO: Mihkel Maripuu

The Estonian national football team slid three places to 88th in the FIFA rankings for September.

Estonia was ranked 85th in August, 86th in July, 89th in June, 92nd in May and 93rd in April, its lowest slot in recent years.

Estonia was 89th in March, 82nd in February, 83rd in January, 86th in December 2012, 84th in November, 69th in October, 55th in September, 49th in August, 56th in July, 57th in June, 54th in May and 53rd in April. In March 2012 Estonia was in its all-time highest place, 47th.

In the table for September Estonia is preceded by the Dominican Republic in place 87 and followed by Angola in place 89.

Spain once again retained its top ranking in the FIFA table, followed by Argentina, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay and Brazil.

Of the nations playing in the same Group D with Estonia in qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Netherlands is placed 9th, Hungary 30th, Romania 31st, Turkey 49th and Andorra 200th. The Netherlands fell four places while Turkey improved its ranking by nine places.

Of Estonia's closest neighbors Russia is 15th, Finland 56th, Lithuania 112th and Latvia 115th in the table ranking 207 national sides.

In October 2008 Estonia was in its all-time lowest place, 137th. The Estonian team made its highest climb in September 2011 when it rose 28 places and its steepest decline in September 2006 when it fell 24 places.