Pictures and videos: SUV slides «overberth», in Pirita
22 pictures+2 videos!

Pirital sõitis paadilaenutuse kail manööverdanud Nissani maastur kogemata üle kaiääre vette.

PHOTO: Küllike Rooväli

A happy accident occurred in Pirita, last night, with a Nissan SUV, manoeuvring at the boat rental berth, going over the edge towards the waters down below. The lady at the wheel came out of the incident with a few minor scratches.

The driver, linked with the boat rental business, was attempting to turn the vehicle around on the narrow berth, next to another car. Alas, a wrong gear prevailed in the automatic ‘box of the SUV – instead of going into reverse, the Nissan lurched forward and crossed the edge, landing on top of a boat. The vessel sunk, thereafter assuming the task of holding up the car.

The female driver got off the car slightly scratched, her clothes dirty.