Extension of Muuga container terminal to be ready by next summer

Muuga sadam.

PHOTO: Raigo Pajula

Construction of the extension of the container terminal of Transiidikeskuse AS in the port of Muuga just outside Tallinn started on Friday and the first stage of the new terminal is scheduled to be completed by next summer at the latest.

"Completion of Stage One of the extension of the container terminal will enable us to increase our production capacity by 150,000 TEU already by the end of this year and to bring the production capacity of our terminal to 600,000 TEU per year," the board chairman of Transiidikeskuse AS, Erik Laidvee, said.

On April 25 Transiidikeskus bought the company OU Rail Garant Estonia that possesses building rights in Muuga port. The acquisition enabled Transiidikeskus to start expanding its terminal business at Muuga. The deadline of completion of the new terminal is July 2014.

Transiidikeskuse AS is a specialized Estonian operator of container and general goods terminals in Muuga port.