Estonian Anti-Doping Agency witholds demand to open old Veerpalu tests

Enam kui kaks aastat kestnud painajalik dopingusaaga sai positiivse lõpu. Andrus Veerpalu on süüdistustest puhas ning võistluskeelust prii. PHOTO: Sille Annuk

Agency decides not to demand that older doping tests of skier Andrus Veerpalu be opened, as yet.

As explained by Kristjan Port, member of the Anti-Doping Agency council, International Ski Federation (FIS) and World Anto-Doping Agency (WADA) are dealing with the Veerpaly case, anyway. «There has to be some kind of a solution, during this year; probably in the summer. Let’s see what they decide and then we’ll consider what we will and won’t do.»

According to Mr Port, he has no information of what exactly WADA is doing, as the organisation never advertises its activities: «They have to develop a methodical means of testing the growth hormone, which cannot be contested in court; lay down its limit values. I don’t think the current limit values will shift, dramatically. Should that be the case, a peculiar situation arises: Veerpalu is guilty of doping use, the court, however, having revoked his competition ban.»

Mr Port let it be known that Estonia’s Veerpalu case must be sorted out, for the good of Estonian sports and skiing. «Both we and the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC) fight for a common goal – for clean sports. Whatever is up, needs to be sorted out: has doping been used or not. There cannot be any formality here.»

Also, Estonian Anti-Doping Agency held a constructive meeting with the EOC president Neinar Seli and secretary general Siim Sukles: «We polished our stands and came to joint conclusions. EOC promised not to interfere with our work. Anti-Doping is acting on the basis of evidence and hints and we are not meant to be an agency that would be comfortable for sportsmen.»