Estonia good place to be a mother - intl study

Piimasegu puhul eeldavad emad, et laps peab terve pudeli tühjaks jooma.


Estonia ranks high in the annual Mothers' Index released by the international nonprofit Save the Children in the run-up to Mother's Day but placed even four rungs higher three years ago.

The Mothers' Index rankings are determined by five indicators on education, income, women's political representation and the chances a mother and her baby will survive.

This year's index ranks Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands as the best places in the world to be a mother.

Estonia was ranked 21st out of 176 countries surveyed, below Ireland and ahead of Canada. Of neighboring countries Latvia placed 38th, Lithuania 26th and Russia 59th.

Being a mother is the toughest in Sierra Leone, Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo, the survey found.

In 2010 Estonia was ranked 17th.