Russia warns of reaction to Estonian visa denials

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Photo: Laura Kangur / Aldo Luud / Toomas Huik

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday described refusal of Estonian visas to five Russian nationals as an unfriendly act and promised an adequate response, Russian news agency Interfax reports.

Spokesman for the ministry Alexander Lukashevich told reporters in Moscow on Thursday that Estonia had decided not to issue visas to five Russian citizens who wanted to take part in a Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund-sponsored roundtable meeting in Tallinn.

Such an unfriendly act on Estonia's part will certainly not go without the Russian side's response, the spokesman said.

In his words Russia made a formal inquiry through the Estonian Foreign Ministry and embassy in Moscow.

"The explanation given to us was that the reason for refusal was some kind of technical irregularities in filling in the questionnaire and visa documents. Despite those explanations, it is obvious that the Estonian authorities are not pleased with the dialogue developing between the two countries' civic associations which is breaking down the boundaries of the anti-Russian dogmas preached by official Tallinn," Lukashevich said.