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Low water halts heavy vehicles access to Hiiumaa

Parvlaev Muhumaa PHOTO: Liis Treimann

Early this morning, Rohuküla sea-monitoring station stated the Väimameri Sea water level as minus 75 cm i.e. lower than the 69 cm forecasted earlier, setting limits on ship traffic between mainland and Hiiumaa, with heavy vehicles essentially not carried at all.

Ferryboat Muhumaa only takes passenger cars, passenger buses and staple cargoes (post, food), said OÜ Väinamere Liinid.

As water level remains at critical levels, crossings are slower and ferry departures are late. Muhumaa departed from Heltermaa at 5 am and from Rohuküla at 6.50 am.

In ports, cargo is being selected with utmost care and heavier vehicles will have to consider that before water level rises to minus 65 cm, minimum, they cannot be carried. Väinamere Liinid asks carriers of goods to postpone their trips until the situation normalises.

Yesterday, ferryboat Harilaid with a lower draught was engaged. However, due to extreme ice conditions, Harilaid is quite unable to function and crossings dragged to over three hours.