Estonia: price of TNS Emor food basket climbs 4.6 pct on year

Ligi pool sissetulekust kulub inimestel toidule.

PHOTO: Andres Teiss / Postimees

The basket of food staples used in a survey by pollster TNS Emor cost 68.61 euros per person in January 2013, 2.99 euros or 4.6 percent more than in the same month a year ago.

Month on month, the price of the food basket climbed 1.16 euros or 1.7 percent.

The biggest increases compared with January 2012 occurred in the prices of vegetables and fruit, with unpackaged potatoes surging 34.1 percent and bananas 29.1 percent. Significant increases took place also in eggs, 21.3 percent, and the Kodune staple brand of minced meat consisting half of pork and half of beef, which rose 15.6 percent.

The biggest declines year on year were recorded in white bread, 6.5 percent, sugar, 5.8 percent, and milk with 2.5 percent fat content, which moved down 2.1 percent.

The TNS Emor basket of grocery staples includes more than 50 dairy, meat, cereal and fish products, fruit and vegetables, and eggs and sugar.

Retail prices of the products are collected from 26 stores in major Estonian towns 10 times a year and from 45 stores across Estonia two times a year. Prices are monitored in the largest retail chains whose proportion in the sample broadly reflects their market share.