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Anonymous Estonian donates half million euros

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PHOTO: Internet

An Estonian desiring to remain unknown has donated half a million euros in support of philosophical literature series Avatud Eesti raamat (AER, Open Estonia Book). The maker of the largest known donation for Estonian culture decided to remain anonymous, in order to avoid the limelight.

A flagship for philosophical literature in Estonian, AER is entitled for a half million euros of additional payment up to 2015. According to cooperation agreement in force from July 2011, between the anonymous donor and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (CEE), €100,000 a year for five years are donated into AER’s grant programme, provided the current sponsor CEE maintains its share of €40,000.

The €500,000 donation is the largest known private donation into Estonian culture. To the knowledge of Postimees, it is not a matter of bequest, but the donor is an Estonian residing and working in Estonia. In order to avoid the public spotlight, however, the person has decided to remain unknown.

In any case, the grant serves to open up new possibilities to broaden availability of philosophical literature and spurs the translators and researches to action.

AER, now blessed in such an exemplary fashion, came into being in 1994, supported by Open Estonia Foundation. In 2000, Cultural Endowment of Estonia became the main sponsor. Over a hundred mainly philosophical books have, up to now, been translated and published within the programme.

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