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Martin Müürsepp dreams of head coach post

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PHOTO: Raido Pajula/Postimees

The BC Kalev/Cramo basketball team’s assistant coach Martin Müürsepp admitted in an interview to former home team UNICS Kazan, published on their website, that it is his dream to become the head coach of some team: «A timid young fellow indeed, I still do desire to become a head coach!» said Mr Müürsepp.

The talk was not about whether Mr Müürsepp might step into the shoes of the current Kalev head coach Alar Varrak, the discussion being of a general order. «I wouldn’t want to take that step hurriedly, it’s no easy job,» said Mr Müürsepp. «That job means knowing game theory and having sufficient experience as assistant coach. A head coach has to be prepared for the job, in all respects.»

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