Gallery: Within the deserted walls of Murru jail

Last December, the last inhabitants moved out of the Murru prison in Vasalemma, Harju County. As of yesterday, the magnificent piece of real estate is on sale.

Liis Treimann, a photographer at Postimees, paid a visit to sneak a peek at the facilities where free people never got to go – a one time home for thousands of inmates.

The Murru jailhouse was founded on January 1st 1983 as a stone working plant with capacity of engaging up to 400 inmates. By the time it was closed down last year, it had grown into a vast complex of over twenty buildings, housing at its peak up to 7000 convicted criminals.

As the manager of the facilities Henn Veermäe opened up most of the prison gates and doors, a rather stark world opened up, with both prison art and everyday items left behind by former inhabitants.