Justice ministry leaves the decision to the government

Oliver Kund
Oliver Kund

The justice ministry reports that the working group failed to reach a common position on moving the academy during its previous meeting.

“The justice ministry and the interior ministry kept to their individual opinions as to the benefit and risks associated with transferring the academy,” the ministry announced. “The ministries also disagreed in terms of how many new buildings the academy would need in connection with planned changes. Other agencies did not adopt clear positions in principal matters. It is up to the government to decide how to move on in this situation. We perceive as a potential solution the government giving the justice ministry control of the academy's assets tied to the move. In that case the academy would continue as an agency of the interior ministry; however, its real estate would be managed by the justice ministry that would ensure the transfer at optimal cost to be agreed on in advance. That way the interior ministry would not have to fear the move having a negative effect on its budget position. The Ministry of Justice is prepared to see the important project through at optimal cost to be agreed on in advance.”

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