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Gallery: best Estonian nature photos, 2012

PHOTO: Gerry Saarep
PHOTO: Remo Savisaar
PHOTO: Urmas Kärdi
PHOTO: Marek Kutepov
PHOTO: Silver Kommusaar
PHOTO: Merily Salura
PHOTO: Ekvard-Allan-Matis Joakit
PHOTO: Toomas Vaik
PHOTO: Kilvar Kessler
PHOTO: Nils-Edvard Tennmann
PHOTO: Raul Rajaveer
PHOTO: Jaan Künnap
PHOTO: Kaido Haagen
PHOTO: Silver Salumaa
PHOTO: Triinu Kroon
PHOTO: Jete Korb
PHOTO: Jan Erik Konksi

For the 13th time running, the photo competition pulled by the Bus of Nature Society (Looduse Omnibuss) has nominated last year’s best pictures. This time, around 1,400 photographers participated, presenting some 11,000 works. The organiser-in-chief Jaan Riis rejoices that number of participants is up from the year before.

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