Estonia’s anniversary gets country-wide photo action

On February 24th, to celebrate 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, a photo initiative is organised, asking all to shoot a picture within one minute, at 1 pm to 1:01 pm, of oneself or surroundings.

The event, organised by Estonian Association of Press and Government Office, is named «Estonian Minute» (Eesti Minut). It is not a photo contest, rather and attempt to capture Estonia within one minute’s time.

All photos will be preserved by Estonian National Museum. Besides, the pictures will be shown by the Estonian Television morning program Terevisioon. The action will be repeated on five year’s time, as the Republic of Estonia will then be 100 years old. For that occasion, a photo album will be published and an exhibition held.

The picture is to be sent to foto@eestiminut.eeor uploaded to

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