Estonian, British experts team up to develop computer-based math education


Estonian and British experts are developing in the framework of a pilot project a modern approach to teaching statistics and probability theory along with computer-based materials for basic and high school.

The cooperation project runs for two years, the Ministry of Education and Research said. During this year a uniform concept of computer-based statistics teaching and interactive study materials will be developed. The materials will be tested in 30 basic and high schools throughout Estonia in spring 2014. The schools and the teachers will be selected from among volunteers. The project is coordinated and analyzed by the University of Tartu.

On the British side the pilot project is steered by the math education visionary Conrad Wolfram, founder and managing director of the software company Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. Of help in translating the idea of computer-based math education into reality are tools created by Wolfram Research like Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha and the Computable Document Format (CDF) as well as the computerbasedmath. org project started by Wolfram.

For the University of Tartu Kristjan Korjus who has a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Manchester is in charge of the pilot project.

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